Vi har ikke planlagt noen festival i 2020

♥ Isogaisa is a drug free festival with focus on indigenous cultures and the spiritual ♥


We have seminars, workshops, classes, lectures, exhibitions, and last but not least, music and entertainment. The event takes place in and around Fjellkysten in Lavangen, a quiet and idyllic fjord in South Troms. There are nice accommodations at the hotel, and plenty of space to set up a tent or camper. The celebration it self takes place in a gigantic octagonal lavvu with room for up to 400-500 people. All the events takes place under the roof, something that is much needed up here in the North.


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Aita Päts

Isogaisa – the place to feel Mother Earth under your skin and in your heart ♥. The place for unity, sharing and meeting, to get in touch with one’s roots and what is real in life.

Annhild Vars

Isogaisa is a drug and alcohol free festival where everyone feels a belonging and are very welcome, be grown ups or children, no matter what believe system one might have. At Isogaisa there are a lot of options, spiritual as well as great entertainment If someone wants to be by them selfs and ponder. there is room for that. Thank you

Randi Margrete Strøm

Isogaisa festival is a very special and nice experience, will be back there! 😊 I especially like that it’s drug and alcohol free and it is awesome to get so many new friends there! ❤ Recommended

Anna-Carin Mårtensson

I am a new member who has never been to the Isogaisa festival, but when I read your website, it sounded like it was worth the190 miles travel for a community without drugs in beautiful nature and with other people aware of the spiritual side of life. 😊 Music, fire and coffee !! It simply sounds wonderful!

Catharina Hegg

Beautiful nature, family-friendly, heartfelt, well developed and drug-free. A festival that has ALL! ❤

Siv Irene Larsen

A meeting with people who know one with nature and universe. We are ONE - the energy is strong and holy. Exciting workshops, courses and energy work. It feels fantastic to just be there ♥


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