Find your natural identity - Healing with water

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Workshop: Erena Rhôse.
At Isogaisa we use indigenous people to present ourselves and our identity: Your name, your family, your home, tells a lot about who you are - it's your cultural background.
Everyone has in addition a natural identity, which in Maori is called Pepeha. One is born into a relationship to the earth through the first breath. Then nature knows you. You know nature. Then we are one with the earth. Then a connection to earth, water, fire and air is created. It's your natural identity.
If we do not have an understanding of nature how can we read it right and have a goal with nature?
Maoriene has a special connection with water. Wairua is two water and means spirit that is your direct connection to all creation. The water makes room for all the planets and the sun - and it is left behind after death - and this water is Hine Pu Kohurangi, your ancestors. This is not a myth to us, it is my and the Maori people truth.
With this baseline we will show how we can use water to heal nature, people and animals in a direct way.

Erena Rhöse Foto: Catarina Hegg