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Ruslan Ivakin, Khakasia

Gurude, Ruslan Ivakin, is Kyrgyz, from Khakasia that is an independent republic in central Asia. He comes from the island of Sakhalin on the east coast of Russia and north of Japan. Gurude is an ethnic pop singer and poet who lives in Moscow. He plays music with Siberian touches, but is also inspired by new Celtic music. Ruslan Ivakin honors the thousand-year history of Siberia on the local dialect Khakas, an ancient Turkish language - and with the traditional flute known as Khobrakh that makes nature's sounds.

Gurude has twice been the recipient of a the Russian presidential award, the recipient of a prize at the German embassy, the winner of the Turksoy, top finalist in TV projects and the winner of multiple international competitions. Ruslan has also presented his music at the UN general assembly in NYC « I grew up on the steps, the home of the wind. When I began to sing in the flute I realized that I was not alone. The wind taught me to listen to silence because silence is the cradle of sound.» Gerudes creative mind is always in his dreams and they take him through the legends of centuries, away from time and place, on the search for truth and love.

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