Isogaisa 9-12th of August 2018
Welcome to Isogaisa 2018. When you have the ticket you can participate in all arrangements in the Oktogon, and you can also participate in most of the other workshops/seminars
The festival program starts in the morning of August. But you are welcome to arrive earlier, to sit by the fire drumming... The tents and bonfire will be open for everybody of August. Language Normally we use Norwegian or Sámi from the stage. There will also been translatet to English and Russian. The translator will collect you to the rigth group, just look around you... In Isogaisa most of the people understand and speak English. Some workshops will be in English, and some in Norwegian. Check the program. Most of the exhibitors speak English. If not, look for a translator. He/she will probably be near.


The whole area above above Fjellkysten can be used for camping. There is plenty of space and a nice forest to make a tent in. Cars must be parked on the big field below the highway. It is even possible to sleep in a big festival lavvu. It may be a little late before it will be quietu, and you are never alone. But many prefer it like that. It costs nothing extra to sleep in a festival lavvu. Bring your own sleeping bag.


Caravan / campers get assigned a separate area with access to electricity. Fjellkysten takes rent for alignment of wagons. You may contact Fjellkysten in good time. Phone +4747924792 Fjellkysten i god tid og avtale oppstilling av campingvogn/campingbil.


In the ticket hatch, in the food tent takes credit card. Can be wise to have some cash because there is not every stand that takes credit cards.


Many people looks at Isogaisa as the happening of the year. To others its first time they discover the Isogaisa energy. Therefore some will be quiet, some full of energy and someone will talk a lot. The arrangement staff can also act a little bit stressed. That is Isogaisa! You can compare it with energy discharge. Use your time to listen, and be lenient. Now its time to get friends for you life, instead of talk about people with strange behavior.


Toilets will be found within the Fjellkysten Hotel, and in the yellow cabin. Please not use the forest as toilets.
In the hotel, Fjellkysten, and at the Isogaisa administration, there is possible to shower, for a low expenses. Also at the community house UL Fram there possible to shower.


The public can take photo/video for private use. But show respect: Not every thing needs to be perpetuated.


At Tennevoll, 4 km from Isogaisa towards the inlet bottom, there is a grocery store. Please be free to drive several of people together.

Drug free

Isogaisa is drug free. It means that any type of alcohol or illegal drugs are forbidden. That also includes all kinds of drugs growing in the wild. The strongest you can consume is black coffee... Not allowed in body, at the body or in the luggage. This also includes in the tents, the hotel rooms and everything that have with Isogaisa to do. If taken, you will be told to live, and not be wanted back for 10 years. In Norway, there are severe penalties for use and possession of drugs.


You can buy breakfast, lunch and dinner on the hotel. There will also be festival food on the festival area. At Tennevoll there is a grocery store. Please be free to drive several of people together.

Car parking

Please park cars at the downside of the hotel. Parking place will be pointed to. To load/unload, please contact the festival watch.

OBS Det er ikke tillatt å parkere i innkjøringen eller andre tilfeldige “lure” plasser.
Har du utstyr som skal lastes av på Fjellkysten, så legg ditt tlf nr i frontruta, og vær kjapp. Vi ringer bare EN gang før bilen taues bort!

Registration for workshops

All the courses, workshops and lectures in Octogon is for free. You can just come. For other workshops go straigth to the workshop holder or to the Festival Information.

The Holy Fire

This fire will burne in daytime and evenings. please do not throw anyting in the fire, because this fire will be used as a sacred fire.

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.