Kos under tak

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We have set up 4 big Lavvu ( sami tents) connected with the main octagon tent. That means that all the festivities are connected and are all under one big roof, with plenty of room for everyone. You can choose to sit by the Holy fire in the middle of the octagon, or if you want, you can retreat back and sit by one of the smaller bonfires in the side lavvus. Some times we dance and other times we drum, and at times we just sit devoutly and listen. Some people prefer to retire back to the side Lavvus, lie down at one of the rain deerskins next to the fire and just stare into it, listen to the music, or watch the artist(s) on stage. Yes, it is actually possible. The construction of the Lavvus are designed to see the stage from all angles, no matter where you are located inside. We supply chairs with high backs, lay out reindeer skins and have ordinary chairs so that you'll always be comfortable at Isogaisa.

Suggested clothing:

Even though it is warm and cozy inside, it is wise to bring appropriate clothes for this part of Norway. Warm outer clothes and waterproof shoes. We are talking about the North of Norway here, and it can easily get cold in the evenings. There are also many activities out in nature as well, so it's better to bring extra clothes and be prepared,

  • Rain gear
  • wool under wear
  • wool socks
  • sweater(s)
  • rain boots/ gore-tex shoes
  • Shorts
  • swim suits/shorts

Yes, you read it correctly: Lavangen is one of Norway's most quiet fjords, so if the sun is out it gets very hot. Then it is absolutely possible to swim in the ocean. So bringing bathing gear and towels is highly recommended.

If you want to participate in the walk to the Holey Stone, you MUST bring hight rubber boots or Gore-tex shoes.