Lær deg naturens språk

 In What's happening?

Hvorfor er det så viktig å være ute i naturen og å snakke naturens språk?

Workshop: Robert A. Vars – Gaup

At Isogaisa we will together feel the silence og nature and be concuss about its spiritual language. Sometimes nature will tell you something: it can be a situation with the weather or the wind or a meeting with an animal. When walking in the mountains or in the woods, birds or animals might act abnormal: they might stay still and won’t get scared. It is like they want to connect with you. Maybe they want to tell you something? It might be one of your ancestors that are present in that animal.Then the challenge is to make contact with nature. It's about being aware of what you can do to "tune in" and to connect to the animal that is in front of you.
There may also be areas in nature that need healing. How can we see it? How can we feel it? What can we do?