Make your own Shamanic stick

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Workshop with Eva og Peter Fourbears Armstrand

At Isogaisa, Peter and Eva offer a workshop on making shamanic sticks, which is a little shamanic journey in itself. The stick becomes alive through a ritual in the closing ceremony.

Eva and Peter also sell drums and other shamanic tools that they have created.

Eva is a practitioner of seid, a volve, ( A volve is in Norse mythology a woman with predictive powers) and performs ceremonies in Hels's name. She works with most of the Norse Goddesses, but Hel is her mother. She has been working on spiritualism for 30 years, first as a medium and ghost buster, and in recent years with the religion of nature.

Peter is a healer and craftsman, but also works full time as a teacher. He lives Kiruna in Swedish Sápmi with his wife Eva. They share worldviews, lifestyle and practice in relation to nature and the work of the spiritual.

The ancestors of Peter came from northern Norway. The grandmother was also a healer and the grandfather on the mother side, was noaide in Lainio in northern part of Sweden. The family names are Mangi, a seamen's name on grandpa's side and Junkka on the grandmother's side. The Junk family was mountainous in Muonio on the Finnish side, where the small Swedish village Parkalopolo is located today. Sweden is now working to give back to the original Sami names to the Sami people. In addition to losing his family names, his family also lost the opportunity to speak Sami language and to wear kofte

Ronald Kvernmo