Ritual wandering to earth, water, fire and air

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Eirik Myrhaug, Erena Rhöse, Robert A Vars-Gaup, Nadia Fenina and Jane Folsted
We will look for the language of nature in the individual element: air, fire, water and soil. We will do this through a ritual walk to the honor each element in the accompanying celestial directions. The walk itself is important, taking in the energies of culture and nature in everything you pass on your way, from the fjord, the forest, the mountain and the fire. We will experience examples of how to use tall he elements in healing.
A large Mandala circle outside the Octagon will be made for sacrifices from the ritual walk.
You may want to bring drum or rattle. Put on clothes for weather and conditions otherwise.
The circle will be completed on Sunday before the end of the festival.

Robert Vars-Gaup