Sjamanvandring til offerplass

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Shaman wandering to Rikkagallo ( The Big Stone) at the Isogaisa Festival 2018

Rikkagallo is a sami sacrificial stone that is located at the edge of Stormyra in Lavangen County, Troms. The stone is used by my family (Partapuoli family) when the come with the reindeer herd on summer pastures from the Swedish highlands around Kiruna. There is a deep dignity and respect at this site, where the holey stone lies under Rivtind ( 1452m.o.h) witch is also a holy mountain (Bassearri) The tradition with the sacrificial stone is an old tradition that we now through the Isogaisa festival have " re discovered" and where we do offerings and ceremony from our understanding of shamanic truth and reality. The trip starts the 9th of August, at 09:30 from Fjellkysten Hotel at the Isogaisas festival area and the buss will be back around 17:30. It is also possible to drive in you own car to the site ( This is recommended, if high attendance) The buss trip to Lapphaugen takes about 20 minutes and the journey starts from the parking lot at the entrance by Stormyra. It is an 8 KM walk to Rikkaagallo, that passes through flat terrain on a path. In some areas there are small swamps ( myr) and one should have appropriate boots/mountain shoes or rain boots to walk this trip. We stay in one group and there is a break 2/3 of the way Suggested clothing and gear: 1.Clothes that suit the weather conditions that day ( North Norwegian mountain weather) 2. Good trekking shoes or boots 3. Food and drink for the day's trip ( there will be a group coffee break by Rikkagallo) 4. A notepad or journal and a penn for notes of your personal impressions and experiences of the journey. Price: 200 NOK that is payable to the festival office

Please think about personal issues, sorrows or prayers you might want to "redeem" on the trip and if there are things from/in your lifeline that you would like to sacrifice at Rikkagallo. This can be a small physical object, like a stone, crystal,etc, that you can bring with you and throw into the Storstein ( Bigstone) during the ceremony.

Welcome to the journey!

The tour is led by: Noaidi Eirik Myrhaug, who can be contacted by telephone 900 88 207 for more information. PS! Dogs on a leach that are quiet and calm during the ceremony are allowed.


Robert Vars-Gaup