Fair trade will be at the festival area in special places, where you can establish your selling stands. You may also stay in a party tent or in your own lavvu. There will also be stands in the hotel.

Outdoor stand

It is possible for exhibitors to establish a stand in the festival area in designated places. There you can set up a lavvu / sales table / stand. There have not been set up any size permitters , but you must have a certain restrain. In addition, it will be possible to hire a party tent at the festival area. Stands at the festival can be set up as soon as Tuesday, August 7th, and stay open until you close.


Lectures and workshops can be held in party tents or in a lavvu. • You must provide extension cords, lightning, tablecloths, candles etc. • Isogaisa as the organizer, and “Fjellkysten AS”, are not responsible for any thefts or damage on the goods or equipments that are presented on your stand. • “Fjellkysten AS“ will not be closed outside opening hours, but the hotel staff will be on the festival area. We therefore recommend you to secure your valuables. Unfortunately, we don’t have any lavvus for rent. If you want a use a lavvu, you have to bring one for yourself. Exhibitiors must fit in to the Isogaisa concept. Cars must not be parked outside the hotel.


Accomondation is your own responsibility

Advertisement on web

You can get free advertisement on our website. Send a short text about yourself and a few good pictures to rkvernmo@online.no

Lack of cash

Nowadays its not common to bring cash. Therefore a card paying system would be a good idea.

Opening hours for the trade fair inside of Fjellkysten:

Friday: 14.00 – 17.00 Saturday: 11.00 – 17.00 Sunday: 10.00- 14.00

In the party tent or in your own sales booth you can open and close when you want. Any questions call Sabina and Tore phone number +47 95528959


Price for stand at the hotel:

2x2m ............ .1900,
1.5 × 1.5m ...... ..1400,
The price includes the festival pass for one person. All other participants by the stand, pay their own festival pass. If you need more space than this, please let me know. Table, chairs, power, marketing at isogaisa.org are included in the price. There is free access to the public at the hotel!

Price for stand outdoors
Tent / lavvo ...... .1900,- 2 x 2 m in party tent kr 1400.-

Stand rental account # 4776 1746002.
In the registration form, write what you are doing and what you are selling. The Isogaisa Committee does not have lavvu’s or sales stalls to rent.

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